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Thursday, July 13, 2006

hi... im in the com lab listening to oral nonsenses.listeninig to lilin's ipod hahas. geog test a-math test. o levele chinese oral tmr and chinese listening compre on monday=(( HELP ME.. im so stressed uups!!

everyone is to come to the musical okayys.. im inside haha/...

my memoirs;

Friday, May 26, 2006

Is there someone out there?
I thought i heard footsteps,
i thought i heard someone calling my name,
or is it rather my misery mocking me.

Is that you?
Knocking on my door,
coming here to save me?
or is that you,
coming by by accident,
here to say goodbye forever.

I will die,
say goodbye,
we'll never get to see each other,
any more,
forever more,
when will we meet?

my memoirs;

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Many nights we've prayed,
with no proof anyone could hear,
in our hearts a hopeful song,
we barely understood,

and we're not afraid,
although we know there's much to fear,
we were moving mountains long,
before we knew we could..

There can be miracles,
when you believe,
though hope is frail,
it's hard to kill,

Who knows what miracles,
you can achieve,
when you believe,
somehow you will..


theres nothing much to blog abt tho,
since everyone went thru abt the same stuff..

anw yesterday (saturday) was AUDITIONS!!
it was kinda special,
there was only one judge (drama instructor)
and she audtioned us in a special way.
she call in in grps of 10,
once you go in,
she'll brief us on the audition,
then got grp audition,
where she got us in a circle,
and at anytime,
someone start a sound and action and all folo.
then was "conflict",
where she wld call 2 ppl,
both walk up,
and start a quarrel..
mine was abt wanting to knock a person down,
*my 'partner' started it,
i wanted to start the quarrel abt she finishing the last scoop of my favourtie ice cream =)

then was individual..
all 10 ppl watch each other,
there wasmr firhad, mr pang and the judge.
altho she was looking for the monolok and song,
but she also got special thing,
like for my case,
firs i had to say something interesting abt myself,
which i had nothing much to say,
so i ended saying what my dream and passion in life was, (and for some purpose i dont want to declare it here),
then she ask me,
"as the drama president, are you willing to be?"
i dint rly understand la, but MRPANG WAS THERRE, so i said yes..
then she CONTINUED "why?"
then, i juz answered something,
but it was the truth, i dint say it because mr pang was there,
in fact i was so nervous, in my vision was only me and msnatalie..
and i rly said la.
i said that since i was sec 1, i wanted to make a difference in drama and all tt,
i said alot more tho=)
then i started my monolouge,
my case was very dif,
everyone else read poems.......................
only me and jean (sec 1 from drama) were onli ones frm drama and onli ones who did a monolouge, which is not saying a poem,
but there was a girl oso la..
and mine oso vry special,
msnat ask other ppl to do again and again and do it better,
onli mine was, after i finshed (she dint intterupt),
she ask me to do, but now with a dif character,
instead of a solemn monolok,
im to do a fearful one,
so i did it and it was rly rly good,
i cld feel it man,
cuz i shivered till one corner!
then i sang "when you believe",
then she ask me to tell a joke,
i told the drug trafficker story,
which is me and celesty wan, from the sec 2 camp=)
then i was done!
it was so good..
yeah babeh!

mother's day!!!
i went Vil`age.. some marche` place..
but dint buy anth for my mom tho lol= )

i feel tired.
soooooooo tired

my memoirs;

Monday, May 08, 2006

today was kind of saddening..
because i was thinking abt my term 2 results..
Eng: Average
Hcl: at the most just pass
Emath: not bad
Amath: fail (D7)
Bio: not bad only.
Chem: will be bad
Phy: will be bad
SS: CONFIRM SUPER SUPER LOW. all my test are like 2/12, 2/12, 4/15..

i was just so sad the whole day..

then i realised.

He is sending me a signal.
He told me that at abt 2pm.

He is chasing me,
He is hurrying me,
and i know why.
the people are waiting for me,
His people,
I must go fast,
because as i witness my results gradually deteriorate since Sec 1,
i see the slow decrease,
this is time i have to begin my journey,
i must increase in my mission,
i must stop planning already,
or at least spark off on the starting plans i have,
time is running out,
i don't have alot of time,

with me now i've got everything to be ready for this mission.
but, there's one thing i lack,
and it lags the entire thing,


He said to me that whatever given to me at the right hour is He talking Himself.

but Father,
when is the right hour?

is the right hour any hour that i begin this journey?

no matter how, i still have to find the money,
it's not going to come flying..
and i have to wait quite long,
Lord please tell me,
and tell me now,
there's no time anymore..

my memoirs;

Sunday, May 07, 2006

i came to this place long ago,
now i'm leaving this god-forsaken place,
as i realise the illusions contrary to my feelings.

i can't never be the same again,
as i was before..

you never saw my tears,
you'll never see my tears,
ever again..


it's time for us to bid goodbye,
some of us live; some of us die,
we'll have to part one night,
and that has to be tonight.

i could shout,
my voice could resonate,
across the corridors of the world,
shatter the glasses of the deluding mirrors,
would you hear me?

we're drifting away,
will you come back?
or were we together even at first?
or was that in my dreams?
was that what i saw in the mirror illusions?
probably so,

that is why i must leave this place,
and find a place,
where my voice is no longer distorted,
by these mirrors,
and there will be no more delusions,
i will have to forget you,
i'm sorry,
i hope we meet again,
and start anew,
like we've never knew each other all our lives,

and before i die,
as i read my memoirs,
i see the same person appear twice in it.


my memoirs;

The MatchMaker


Angry: the pissed off face
Sad: hugs my gravis bag
Happy: light cheerful face
Bored: looking somewhere else, and knodding my head frequently
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